Chatbots Are Beneficial For Your Business. Here's why.

Running a business is difficult. You are juggling many things at a time, and research on the latest technology for businesses may be in the back of your mind. That is why we, at Not Rocket Science, do the research for you. Our team of experts sits down with our clients to help achieve their business needs for the present and the future. Chatbots were once an idea and then became the popular assistants we know today, such as Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana. Now, chatbots are evolving. They can be catered to fit a variety of business needs in different industries. But what are the benefits? Will integrating chatbots into your daily business needs be beneficial? We did the research for you and brought in some statistics about consumer and employee outlook, below.

What do consumers think about chatbots? We did the research for you and saw that when consumers were surveyed:

- twice as many consumers will engage with chatbots because they are deemed helpful.1
- chatbots are preferred because they deliver fast answers to simple questions.2
- 64% of consumers stated that access to service 24/7 is the most useful functionality to them.3

If you are wondering how chatbots can benefit your company, we found:

- they help organizations reduce the volume of calls, chat, and email inquiries by 70%4.
- over half of company executives reported that implementing chatbots brought in significant ROI (return on investment) with minimal effort5.
- complaint resolution was significantly improved with the use of chatbots6.

In regards to social media and mobile use, we found:

- Over half of consumers will contact a business through a messaging app to solve a problem7.
- 1.4 billion people are using messaging apps8.
- Facebook has over 300,000 active bots on its Messenger platform9.

According to customer service agents and their opinion about chatbots and the effect on improving their value to their company:

- 59% will feel more satisfied and committed to their job10.
- 79% say they will be able to apply their knowledge to more complicated inquiries and their skills will improve11.
- 64% say they will be able to provide a more personalized experience for their customers12.

Not Rocket Science is bringing the technology to you. Not Rocket Science’s Cerebro UX provides a platform to accelerate an organization’s delivery of cognitive services via natural language mobile, web, and gamification interfaces. As SME’s work to develop an organization’s corpus with industry domain-specific and internal IP information, the platform allows these evolving cognitive services to be delivered to their workforce and customers. Cerebro UX allows the organization to quickly realize the benefits of workforce augmentation as execution progresses.

With our Digital Assistants service, you can provide an improved customer and employee experience with a customized digital assistant accessed through your website, mobile app, Alexa skill, and Google Assistant. These services are beneficial to your organization because they reduce support costs, improve customer satisfaction, and resolve customer concerns. How? It interacts with your customer to provide answers to questions and act. Through analytics, a chatbot can provide information on your customer's engagement with the virtual agent and can help with understanding customers' changing needs.

This Alexa app tells farmers information about their crops from pricing to delivery.

With ChatBeacon, add live conversational chatting for your website! Customers' questions can be answered anytime and anywhere. We help customers configure highly intelligent, customizable AI chatbots to work with their business and serve customers 24/7. With Google Dialogflow, chatbots answer common questions, instantly greet website visitors, route chats to certain agents or departments, and more. Plus, language barriers are solved with automatic translation.

ChatBeacon screenshot of current customer chat ChatBeacon chat history
ChatBeacon can be customized to fit your business needs.

To sum up, chatbots are beneficial for your business or organization. Consumers prefer them to get quick answers and because chatbots are available all day and night, they are deemed useful, which will help improve customer satisfaction. Your company can help reduce the volume of calls, chat, and email inquiries. It can also help bring in a good return on investment. According to employees, it has increased their commitment to their jobs and improved their skills. Are you ready to take the plunge and see how they can work in your business? Contact us to learn more about how we can help you. It's Not Rocket Science; it's the innovative use of technology!

Stay tuned for an article on the difference between chatbots and digital assistants!

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