The NEWEST Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn Algorithm Changes - Complete Guide

Looking for the newest algorithm changes for your business's social media accounts? Look no further! We have all you need to know for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Unlike other articles with this information, there is no fluff. We get straight to the point on what you or your social media marketing team needs to know so you can get your content seen!



Facebook uses ranking symbols to determine what posts show up in a user's news feed. However, the following four are always mentioned in every algorithm update:

- Who does a user interact with most often?

- What type of post does a user interact with most often; an image, video, or link?

- How many comments, shares, and likes or reactions is the post getting? Is this post being commented on or shared by the user's friends?

- Was the post recently published?

Take the above signals into consideration when planning out the social media strategy. For this year's updates, here are the following:

  • Groups and Events are prioritized. You can now see suggested groups in your newsfeed. 
  • Hashtags help get you a bigger reach.
  • Posts from friends and family members are prioritized over businesses.
  • Creating a conversation with your audience and replying to them helps the relationship aspect of the ranking symbol in the algorithm.
  • Emotional reactions to posts changed- hearts, care, and wow reactions rank better than sad and angry faces.
  • Posting when your audience is online (you can see this by going into the "Analytics" section of your page.)
  • Using Stories helps skip the algorithm altogether.
  • Posting video helps with reach, whether it's either a Facebook Live or animation. Facebook Business has a custom video option when planning posts that take images you upload and text and creates a video for you!




Just like Facebook, Instagram also ranks content and makes changes to its algorithm. However, the following still reigns:

  • The most recent posts are at the top of the feed as well as those that have the most hearts.
  • Posts from users or business profiles that a follower regularly engages with are more likely to show up in the follower's feed.
  • Hashtags that users follow are prioritized.
  • Showing content between friends, family, and businesses seems to be the same, unlike on Facebook.
  • Stories are on top of the page above the feed and can help with making sure your content isn't lost in the endless feed.

Instagram's biggest competitor is TikTok and the algorithm changes Instagram made, reflect that. Here are the changes for this year:

  • Post reels, which helps to a bigger reach and use the features which help get it clicked on such as music and filters.
  • Post carousels, so followers will scroll through, which is a type of engagement.
  • Post consistently whether it's once a day or only on specific days a week.
  • No-nos include contests, giveaways, and clickbait are less likely to show up in a user's feed.
  • Original content is prioritized over shared content. If you or your team wants to share content from another source, it has to have added value to it.



Twitter's algorithm places more prioritization over recent posts than other social media networks. However, just like the other networks, it also prioritizes specific types of engagement (such as retweets and comments) over likes. Here are the newest tips you need to know:

  • Get the verification badge (the blue checkmark you see on some profiles) if you can.
  • Creating posts that spark retweets, replies, and video plays will help you to get to their top tweets algorithm.
  • Create posts with images, hashtags, and keeping them within 100 characters.
  • While other platforms rank posts negatively if you ask followers to engage, Twitter does not seem to mind.
  • Just like other social media platforms, replying to users that engage on your posts as soon as you can help boost a post in the algorithm.



The business-to-business network uses some of the similar signals that other social networks have which include the following:

  • Prioritizes content from those who post regularly.
  • Prioritizes content from who users interact regularly.
  • Business pages have a harder time with visibility in the news feed, so business owners and employees need to utilize their pages to help out.
  • Comments weigh more than post "likes."

Some recent changes to their algorithm include:

  • Prioritizing videos that have high engagement.
  • Posts that have external links rank a little bit higher than before, but it seems that text-only posts reign supreme.
  • Trying to get around the link signal by the author posting a link in the first comment box hurts the post.

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