Not Rocket Science, Inc. has extensive experience in software development and system integration for the Petro/Chemical and Manufacturing environments.

We have developed software applications and system integration in the following areas:

  • Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Reporting
  • Chemical Recipe Management Database
  • Raw Material Management
  • Production and Shipping Management
  • Tag Out
  • Tank Car Railyard and Unloading Management
  • Tank Car Maintenance


Not Rocket Science has a wide range of expertise in the area of Process Safety Management (PSM) OSHA requirements. We have worked with customers to develop applications for the following PSM elements:

  • The Corrective Action Request (CAR) System is a work flow management system that is used to manage ‘changes’ to a plant or process. It allows all ‘interested’ parties to make comments. The system automatically ‘tracks’ the progress and prohibits CARs from being stagnant. Target and Completion dates are used to accomplish this task.
  • The Management of Change (MOC) system works in close conjunction with the CAR System. When, through the normal process of a CAR, it becomes apparent that a ‘change’ will take place, a Management of Change record is created. MOCs have task lists that specify the actions necessary to ensure the successful, safe implementation of the change.
  • The Bulletin Board system is an electronic posting area for information that needs to be shared by a group of people. An individual Communications system user can be a member of multiple Bulletin Boards. Each bulletin board entry must be signed be each bulletin board member. The system tracks this with ‘electronic signatures’. Since the Communications system is under password control, each user has a unique username and password. This ensures that the system can identify each individual user.
  • The Accident Investigation System is used to electronically create, maintain and print the standard BASF Accident Investigation form. The system stores information such as investigation team members, immediate corrective actions, corrective actions written, background information, facts, root causes, contributory causes, employee information, descriptions of the accident, injury information, etc. This information is stored for later printing of the Accident Investigation form and possibly future statistical analysis.
  • The Process Incident System is used to electronically create, maintain and print records of Plant Trips and upsets. The system tracks information such as background information, facts, root causes, immediate corrective actions, etc. This information is stored for later retrieval and printing and future statistical analysis.
  • The Mechanical Integrity System provides preventive maintenance scheduling and history for Visual, Ultra Sonic and Radiographic inspections on Piping and Vessels.


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