From its inception, the goal of Not Rocket Science is to introduce emerging technologies to the Agricultural industry.  Not Rocket Science is working on the next wave of Cognitive agricultural services that provide Natural Language Interfaces powered by platforms from major vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, Tableau, Amazon and Google.

NRS is uniquely qualified as a vendor to deliver best of breed solutions.  We work with customers to create new integrated systems that provide real-time hedging, advanced contract management, offer management, customer portals, mobile and voice applications. These solutions provide the tools our customers need to keep up with today’s rapid pace of change, delivering efficient and easy to use interfaces to their workforce and customers.  


NRS Agribusiness services include:

  • Commodity Hedging Management
  • Grain Contracting (Including Rules Based Contracts – Average Price, Min/Max with Put, etc.)
  • Risk Management / Grain Marketing Plans
  • IP Grain Management (Document Management)
  • IS0 9000, OSHA, Quality Control and Accident Investigation
  • Bidsheet Management
  • Crop Insurance
  • Barge Freight
  • Rail Freight
  • BI Dashboards
  • Grain Export System for Zen-Noh grain

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Not Rocket Science is a full services technology development firm located outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, where we help businesses reach their full potential.