Keep your business running while you sleep, even remotely. With ChatBeacon, customers' questions can be answered anytime and anywhere. We help customers configure highly intelligent, customizable AI chatbots to work with their business and serve customers 24/7. For example, companies can have their customer service representatives chatting with customers during business hours and a chatbot at night or have the chatbot answering questions until further assistance is needed, in which the conversation is transferred to a live person.

With ChatBeaon HERO, operators can view and interact with the customer's website session in real-time, providing a collaborative approach to visitors and customers. Agents can see what your customers are typing before they press send! By knowing what your customer is looking for, Agents can save time by preparing their response immediately.


Customized Chatbots

With Google Dialogflow or Microsoft Bot Framework, chatbots answer common questions, instantly greet website visitors, route chats to certain agents or departments, and more. Plus, language barriers are solved with automatic translation.


Service your customers anywhere, anytime with the browser-based ChatBeacon FREEDOM! Visual and audio browser desktop notifications alert you when a visitor is on your site or when a chat is initiated.

Facebook Messenger

Customers can send messages to your agents when you integrate your Agent Application with your company's Facebook page. There is no need to worry about extra staff to monitor Facebook; it's all done inside the Agent Application!

SMS Chat

People can chat without visiting the website! Configure your company’s landline phone number to receive SMS text messages, delivered straight to your Agent Application.

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