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Sheriff Case Management Solution increases the effectiveness of managing content on civil cases within law enforcement agencies involving matters including, but not limited to, real estate foreclosures, garnishments, property auctions, and service dispositions.


The demand to manage content requires a high level of communication, commitment, and cooperation from a multitude of sources in order for any department to reach the highest levels of effectiveness. Many employees within sheriff offices across the state of Louisiana have been seeking an effective means to manage and communicate their information and statistics on civil cases of all types to result in saved time, a reduced amount of paperwork, and a quick and easy way for anybody within relevant departments to interpret any collected data.


Not Rocket Science has met the needs of several agencies across Southeast Louisiana by creating the case management solution, which is made up into three components described below.

Case Management System  is designed to record and track information about foreclosures, auctions, garnishments, writ information, docket charges, deeds, and so forth.

Mobile Deputy Assistant (MDA)  is a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) application created to communicate and integrate with the Case Management System and provides a means for sheriffs and deputies to capture service dispositions and services attempts while outside of the sheriff office. Features include an electronic deputy log which transfers and tracks case numbers, document types and serial numbers, and the name of parties to be served.

Sheriff Case Management Web Site  queries data from the Case Management System database. Attorneys and other interested parties can check the service status of any case or paper within the system through an Internet browser. A real-time query of real estate and movable auctions, including sales lists and digital pictures of property being sold, is also included.


The Sheriff Case Management Solution has allowed Not Rocket Science to assist representatives from law agencies across the state with the implementation of an effective and complete civil case management solution. Any relevant data can be accessed almost instantly and information can be tracked in a responsive matter, which results in reduced paperwork and phone calls, and an increase in communicating useful statistics.

  • Instant Access to Information Anywhere
  • Reduction of Paperwork and Phone Calls
  • Better Communication of Statistics
  • Real-Time Tracking and Queries
  • Database Design
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PDA Software
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