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New Heights Therapeutic Riding is a division of New Heights Therapy Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1998 in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. New Heights Therapeutic Riding promotes the physical, emotional and cognitive health of people with disabilities in an equestrian environment and strives to integrate children and adults with disabilities more completely into family, school and community activities including the work force, where applicable.


New Heights Therapeutic Riding was looking for an interactive Web site that was easy to maintain, and one with a more attractive look and feel - things that their previous Web site did not fully offer. The Web site was previously built with Microsoft Frontpage. While Frontpage is still a popular and good product to use in creating material over the Internet, extensive training is needed to learn how to use the product and in many instances it often requires developing Web pages by manually inputting code and learning HTML, and it is often difficult to maintain sites if extensive modifications are needed. These are are hindrances that companies typically do not have time to confront if their primary business role is not involved with information technology.


Not Rocket Science rebuilt the New Heights Therapeutic Riding Web site using a product called DotNetNuke. DotNetNuke is an open sourced, Web-based content management system used to build Web sites and applications using the Microsoft .NET Framework. DotNetNuke gives individuals and businesses the ability to create and maintain interacitve public Web sites, applications and intranets for managing communications within a company or multiple departments. The Web site can be viewed at


Web Site Maintenance  The modified Web site gives New Heights Therapeutic Riding a more efficient and effective method to maintain their site. Modifications can be done straight from a Web browser - no additional Web development programs are needed - and modifications in many instances are extremely similar to working in a program such as Microsoft Word. No coding/programming experience is needed to maintain a DotNetNuke Web site.

Online Community  The Web site also gives New Heights Therapeutic Riding the option of having an online community. DotNetNuke gives the capabilities of individuals becoming a user or member of the Web site and utilizing such options including creating a profile, posting events, newsletters/articles and many other options.

Improved Graphics and Customization  "Skins" are what compose the look and feel of DotNetNuke Web sites. Many skins are professionally designed as a finished product from vendors and can be purchased at fairly cheap rates. This is quite often the most cost-effective alternative instead of trying to create an effective design of a Web site in-house or at a graphics design firm. The skin used on the New Heights Therapeutic Riding Web site improves the attractiveness of the graphics and site layout.

Interactive Functionality  The New Heights Therapeutic Riding Web site hosts two annual events which provide major sources of funding for the organization. Individuals or businesses can purchase tickets or sponsorships for either event by filling out forms on the Web site and paying online through PayPal. Online payment is also available for individuals or businesses interested in making general donations to New Heights.

  • Donations and Sponsor Payments Online
  • Interactive Functionality to Plan Events
  • Interactive Customizing and Maintenance
  • Code-less Content Editing
  • DotNetNuke Content Management Web System
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
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