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The Mobile Deputy Assistant is an application created to communicate and integrate with the entire Sheriff Case Management Solution. It provides a means for sheriff deputies to capture service dispositions and attempts while outside of the office. Upon synchronization, return information is uploaded to the Case Management System, thereby allowing instant access to information and better tracking of papers and materials.


With technology constantly evolving and increasing in effectiveness without rest, sheriff departments cannot rest on their laurels and be completely content with their current technology in the future. Departments need to continually explore new technology solutions to best suit their needs. Not Rocket Science continues to develop ways to improve the Case Management system for sheriff departments, including its recent completion of the latest model of the Mobile Deputy Assistant, for Windows Mobile.


Not Rocket Science has met the continuous needs of several sheriff departments across Southeast Louisiana by creating the latest version of the Mobile Deputy Assistant for Windows Mobile. The latest revision of the Mobile Deputy Assistant is very similar to the previous version of the MDA for Windows CE, with enhancements such as updated graphically-rich controls and the addition of the MDA device name. Also, the comment editor replaces the previous drop-down box for easier editing and viewing of case descriptions.

Wireless syncing is also a new, and probably the most important feature, of the latest version of the Mobile Deputy Assistant. Wireless syncing provides sheriff deputies the independence of syncing on their own without the use of cradles or wires and, in return, relieves a sheriff department's IT staff of hardware support and extensive PDA configurations. Wireless synchronization can be accomplished by connecting to a MDA Web Service, accessible through a department's Intranet. This allows data to be transferred directly from a PDA to SQL Server without the need of a workstation to transmit data, eliminating the need for products such as Microsoft Access.


The latest version of the Mobile Deputy Assistant continues to address the need for efficient results and gathering of information in sheriff departments with more modernized versions of technology, and it allows sheriff deputies and other representatives more flexibility than ever to capture their service dispositions.

  • Increased Flexibility to Gather Info
  • Wireless Syncing for Efficient Transfers
  • Prints Service Return Labels
  • Eliminated Need for Hardware Support
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Database Design
  • Microsoft SQL Server
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