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CGB Online is a tool that gives users and employees of Consolidated Grain and Barge, along with their major stakeholders, access to view bids on grain and other products from the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). Users can view the closing bids for any and all CGB locations, sell their own grain at posted bid prices, and make offers for sale when their price is met, anytime during the day pending Internet connectivity, and at no charge from CGB. All transactions are secure to maintain privacy, and users can stay in touch with their advisers from CGB at anytime.


CGB Online is, without question, an effective tool to use for anybody who has any kind of presence or stake within the company. However, many employees and end users were requesting access to the products when they were either away from their office or personal computer at home. Functionality needed to be added to CGB Online to allow users to log onto the system from a mobile device and view quotes.


Not Rocket Science has developed mobile capabilities for the CGB Online system. Provided the user has wireless Internet access, the user will see desired future quotes on the mobile device of choice (i.e. Blackberry, SmartPhone, other PDAs, etc.)

Users can see the desired future quotes, at about roughly a 10-minute delay. They can view the increase or decrease of a quote compare to it's previous result, and they can also view the high point and the low point of that quote over the past 24 hours.

Users can also view their "My CGB" profile page from CGB Online Mobile, just like if they were in the office or at home. Here they can view their CGB Advisors, any bid sheets, offers, or modify their customer profile.


Not Rocket Science has empowered users of CGB to access CGB Online more access and flexibility to view the system. There should not be any reason why stakeholders within the company cannot view CGB Online at any time throughout a normal day, and now AT ALMOST ANY PLACE with wireless Internet capabilities as well.

  • Real-Time Updated Market Quotes
  • Quote Comparisons to Plan Future Sales
  • Individualized Customer Market Profiles
  • Improved Mobility for Unlimited Access
  • AGRIS Web Service
  • Microsoft Access Database
  • Active Server Pages (ASP)
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