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BASF is a leading international chemical production plant. Their business yields a broad range of products which are essential to various industries, including agriculture and nutrition, oil and gas, paint, and raw material chemicals and plastics.


BASF needed an application for a handheld computer that would allow engineers the ability to collect and store readings from equipment used in their production process to be analyzed quickly and efficiently. The previous data collection process involved a lengthy paperwork trail that was cumbersome and difficult to analyze. Updating the process would improve the effectiveness of data analysis and provide a means for preparing reports for internal distribution.


Not Rocket Science met this objective by developing the Mobile Reading Application (MRA). The solution is a custom designed, software product for use with a handheld computer. The application provides the engineers with a tool that can easily house data while workers are in the field collecting readings. Upon return from the field, data can be synchronized with the main system, allowing users display, edit and report capabilities. This new system provides a medium for engineers to work freely, rendering mobile data at the press of a button.


The MRA delivers data collection with a "user friendly" interface. The application offers mobility and efficiency in a concise, effective solution, and engineers are free from the encumbrance of handwritten paper reports which can easily be lost.

  • Reduction of Paperwork
  • Data Synchronization for Fast Reporting
  • Improved Mobility and Accessibility
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Database Design
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