The Louisiana District Judges Association (LDJA) is a professional non-profit corporation established in 1981. All Louisiana District Judges with general jurisdiction and judges of Louisiana Juvenile and Family Courts are eligible for membership. There are roughly 230 judges that are members of the LDJA today, and over 40 districts are represented across the state.


The LDJA needed an effective product to assist in explaining what the primary activities and functions of the LDJA were, and to show how they assisted the citizens of Louisiana. Also, due to the severe and widespread damage brought upon to many parts of Louisiana from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, the LDJA needed an improved methodology from a single source to prepare for any major disasters in the future. Finally, the LDJA needed a more efficient method of keeping track of and sharing documents and files as well as having a single information source and meeting place to discuss issues and problems.


Not Rocket Science addressed this three-part problem by implementing the Louisiana District Judges Association Web site, viewable at The Web site was built entirely using Microsoft-based Windows SharePoint Services 2.0.

Windows SharePoint Services can not only be used to create a professional-looking and graphically aesthetic Web site to the public, it is also an excellent tool for multiple users to manage and share information and Microsoft Office files, collaborate and discuss work-related issues, and coordinate and organize meetings and events from a single workspace in order to improve team or company productivity. For more information on Windows SharePoint Services, go to


Public Information Source
Specifically for the LDJA, Windows SharePoint Services provides information describing the Association and its mission, as well as providing general information for Louisiana citizens, attorneys, or judges in a professional and user-friendly view.

Disaster Planning and Recovery Web Sites
The Web site also provides a secure section, protected from anonymous visitors, devoted to disaster planning and recovery. Each of the LDJA's individual districts have their own Web site and space available to continually modify and update their plans and collaborate on any issues and information that might need to be resolved.

LDJA Committee Access
Finally, the SharePoint Services Web site allows for specialized LDJA committees to meet in certain private sections of the site away from the public. Much like the private section devoted to disaster planning and recovery, members of respective committees can collaborate and share information between each other from a single source away from anonymous site visitors, and anywhere with available Internet connectivity.

  • Source of News and Info for Members
  • Disaster Recovery and Planning Web Site
  • Committee Sections for Collaboration
  • Windows SharePoint Services
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