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Mississippi Valley Trade and Transport Council (MVTTC) is a non-profit trade association located in New Orleans, Louisiana promoting the trade and transportation of bulk materials and finished good through the Mississippi River System.

The trade association is made up of:

  ::  coal producers   ::  traders
  ::  utilities   ::  steel producers
  ::  vessel owners and operators   ::  barge and rail companies
  ::  stevedores   ::  ship agents
  ::  river pilots   ::  port and terminal operators
  ::  testing and analytical firms   ::  local and state governmental agencies


MVTTC organizes and hosts their well known Annual World Conference for key leaders in handling bulk commodities on the Mississippi River. The conference brings several hundred industry leaders from around the world to New Orleans providing exceptional networking prospects. Held during the Mardi Gras festivities, the conference combines knowledge in half-day speaker sessions, superior networking opportunities at its golf tournament, and gala receptions that feature the sights and sounds of Mardi Gras.

MVTTC wanted to renovate their appearance to give it the lively feel characterized by the activities of the conference. Their goal was to promote the conference by attracting more attendees, sponsorships, and exhibition opportunities. The organization also wanted a way to provide instant access for all industry leaders to gain the information they need for membership opportunities and information regarding the annual conference.


Not Rocket Science proposed that the organization needed a definitive logo and identity collateral that agreed with the rhythm of the industry's aim and to remain in unison with the energy of the conference. MVTTC also needed a Web site to grant access of all their upcoming events to their industry leaders worldwide.


As a result, Not Rocket Science re-created their entire corporate identity, giving the organization stimulating quality with rich color and strength to their name. In addition, MVTTC gained worldwide recognition with a compelling presence on the World Wide Web. With the production of their Web site, MVTTC can now announce current and upcoming events, provide instant membership and conference registration, and post readily available newsletters and industry-related materials. MVTTC also has full access in updating their Web site easily and at their own pace.

  • Branding Improvement
  • Instant Access to Conference Information
  • Re-Creation of Corporate Identity
  • Web Site Development
  • Graphics and Branding
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