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MAP (Market Alliance Program) allows grain merchandisers to maintain comprehensive profiles of their customers including financial objectives, operating budgets, and sales plans. These profiles enable the grain merchandisers to develop efficient marketing plans for their customers.

Customer Profile

The customer profile contains all supporting information needed to begin a marketing plan. In addition to providing a robust contact management system, the customer profile is a great place to record financial objectives, operating budgets, and sales plans.

Marketing Plans

Marketing plan reports provide both information recaps and analysis tools to answer important marketing questions.

Final Objective
The goals utility provides an excellent workspace for recording cash sources and uses. Cash flow can be defined as current, intermediate or long-term, or as a cash source.

Operating Budget
The cost utility allows the grain merchandiser to develop a simple or complex model of all crops, their plantings and various levels of budgeted costing information. Costs can be for variable, fixed, or economic costs. Standard cost categories are built in.

Sales Plans
Using MAP's contracts utility, you can record both offers and contracts and specify harvest versus post-harvest sales. All sales items can be broken into futures price, basis, price protection costs, and other revenues.

Crop Stats
The crop statistics worksheet is an informative view that provides bushels total, current sales position, and break-even analysis. It delivers a lion's share of information in a friendly, easily read format. This section even includes an analyzer that will give you the outcome of selling out right now at today's prices.

  • Records Budgets for Future Cash Use
  • Cost Utility to Develop Crop Models
  • Contracts Utility to Plan Future Sales
  • Crop Stats Worksheet Analyzes Results
  • Database Design
  • Microsoft Access
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