Kirkwood Company, Inc., (dba Kirkwood Pumps and Process), is a manufacturer's agency and stocking distributor operating doing business since 1975. Kirkwood represents quality manufacturers of pumps, environmental, mechanical, and process equipment. Their mission is to provide quality solutions for the equipment problem applications and/or new project requirements of their customers.


Kirkwood Company's previous Web site had outdated information and had not been updated in a matter of years. The site did not reflect their current headquarters location, and their clientele had naturally changed and grown over the years. The company was looking for a means to update their content and give the site a new, fresh look.


Not Rocket Science re-created the public Web site for the Kirkwood Company using DotNetNuke. DotNetNuke is an open sourced, Web-based content management system used to build Web sites and applications using the Microsoft .NET Framework. DotNetNuke gives individuals and businesses the ability to create and maintain interacitve public Web sites, applications and intranets for managing communications within a company or multiple departments. The Web site can be viewed at


The modified public Web site displays the products and services of the Kirkwood Company more effectively. Visitors can learn about a variety of pump and product lines per category and click on PDF files to view product brochures in more detail. In addition, visitors can preview how some selective products work through live video demonstrations.

The Web site also gives the Kirkwood Company a more efficient and effective method to maintain their site. Modifications can be done straight from a Web browser - no additional Web development programs are needed - and modifications in many instances are extremely similar to working in a program such as Microsoft Word. No coding/programming experience is needed to maintain a DotNetNuke Web site. The Web site also gives the Kirkwood Company the option of having an online community. DotNetNuke gives the capabilities of individuals becoming a user or member of the Web site and utilizing such options including creating a profile, posting events, newsletters and articles and many other options.

  • Live Video Demonstrations of Products
  • More Effective Product Listings
  • PDF Formatted Brochures of Products
  • Code-less Copy Editing
  • DotNetNuke Content Management Web System
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
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