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JeffNet Electronic Document Filing System of the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court gives attorneys an effective means of keeping track of their petitions and cases and ensuring that all related payments have been met and are up to date. Businesses within the public and private sectors cannot serve citizens as effectively if the appropriate technological advances are not recognized and implemented. The Jefferson Parish Clerk has devoted a majority of his third term on improving the Court's existing technology.


Many attorneys working within the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Courthouse were overburdened with the excessive paperwork and the amount of time involved with managing multiple cases on domestic matters including but not limited to divorces, probates, damage petitions, workers compensation. Throughout the day, attorneys spent too much time organizing and sorting through information from different sources, especially having to determine the value of new cases requested manually.


Not Rocket Science reduced this burden on attorneys and helped improved the Court's technology by developing the electronic filing system through the use of Active Server Pages (ASP). It allows attorneys of record to file a new petition or submit a filing on an existing case. When the filing is completed, the e-filing system calculates the cost of the filing, verifies the credit of the attorney requesting information, prepares a charge to the attorney's account, and prompts the attorney to submit or cancel the filing. If the filing petition is submitted, the e-filing clerk retrieves the information, prints out all the appropriate documents, reviews and updates the filing data, and notifies the proper attorney that the filing status has been completed.


The e-filing system most closely resembles a fax filing, but there are significant advantages. Since the e-filing is considered to be original, and payment is immediate, the transaction is complete when the system accepts it. Attorneys do not have to deal with as much paperwork, and they have the ability to access their data at any time, excluding periods of maintenance to the system. In addition, the system greatly reduces the time of managing cases from start to finish, which means attorneys have more opportunities to handle more cases in a more efficient and effective manner.

  • Immediate Payments of Service
  • Reduction of Paperwork
  • Reduction of Time in Case Management
  • System Accessible at Any Time
  • Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PDF Software
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