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Grain Price Protection Service is an innovative marketing and risk management service that provides a support system of education, strategies, and Internet record-keeping designed to enable a grain elevator's local service providers to deliver individualized risk management advice to their corn, milo, wheat and soybean producers and customers.

In today's agriculture industry, producers are faced with increasingly complex marketing choices. That's why many producers seek the advice of local professionals who can offer them the individualized marketing services they require. GPPS offers local agricultural service professionals education, risk management tools and ongoing support needed to help their producers and customers make better marketing decisions.


The "Advisor" needed a Record Keeping System to track customer positions and help customers manage their risk. The need to keep track of all the information and report it to the parties' involved precipitates the need for an Internet driven system. Using this method, GPPS remains in control of all information and updates, elevator advisors can track and support their customers' use of GPPS, and the local elevators know what is required to help customers execute GPPS recommendations.


Not Rocket Science developed a web based Record Keeping System using Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) and SQL Server database as the platform. 

Generation of reports  was a major requirement of the system. The users can access and run their reports from the browser.  They have a choice of receive the reports in the familiar, PDF or powerful Excel spreadsheet format.   Giving the user the freedom to work with the data in a familiar format reduced the number of reports that the development group had to produce.


  ::  GPPS will remain in control of all information and updates
  ::  GPPS's Elevator customer will be able to track and support their customer's use of GPPS
  ::  Record keeping part of this business is SIMPLE and AUTOMATIC
  ::  A database will be used for the "Advisor" to enter his customers' profile information
  ::  An electronic contract template for the local elevator will be used when executing transactions
  ::  Transactions are stored in a database
  ::  Value of un-priced grain is marked to Market
  ::  The producers can access their account information from home or office
  ::  The proposed Record Keeping System will provide the efficiencies and simplicity needed to grow the business

  • Report Generation in Traditional Formats
  • Automatic Record Keeping to Save Time
  • Producers can Access Account Anywhere
  • Contract Templates for Usual Transactions
  • Database Design
  • SQL Server 
  • Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • DTN Quote Serve
  • Web Site Development